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Four Reasons We Badly Need This Win

Enjoy this guest post by TCJ-Dawg.
Every Dawg fan in the world realizes the importance of the game this weekend against LSU.  Here are my reasons why we so badly need this win.
  1.  This is not a “blow the lid off the program” type game.  UGA is a great program.  Just not elite. A team that has not played for a national championship in 30 years is not elite. Not yet.  Beating LSU will not make us elite, but it will give us more “street cred” on the national level. LSU embarrassed us in the SEC championship two years ago.  It was painful sitting in the Dome watching the clock strike zero in the 4th. We knew then we needed to get depth on the lines to compete with Bama and LSU. Saturday will be a good measuring stick of our progress.
  2.  Recruiting. Name a big recruit or commit from ’14, ’15, or even the 2016 class.  He will be in Athens Saturday.  Winning the game is big for high school kids, but atmosphere is one of them most important factors.  Kids want to know the fans will be there and be loud.  As Zach would say, “We need the wine-and-cheese crowd to get up and be loud!”  Well said, Zach. Even a close loss would still be a positive, but a win in a crazy environment pays major dividends with the lifeblood of any successful college program.
  3. We need a victory on a national stage to help the psyche of die hard fans.  We don’t have a great record when Gameday sets up shop at our games.  See here for evidence.   Arguably our biggest games in the last few years have been LSU in the 2011 SEC championship, Florida in ’12, Bama in ’12, and Clemson this season.  As you know, we are 1-3 in these games.  Not an elite program in big games . . . yet.  A win would help chip away the rough edges of even the most jaded Dawg fans.
  4. If we win, book your ticket to Atlanta.  We will not lose 2 more SEC games.  Florida has a brutal schedule left and I do not see us losing to UT, Vandy, Kentucky, or Missouri.  Even if UF manages to beat us, we still have the head-to-head over USC.  This year it might actually help us to get the brutal part of the season over with early.
Saturday is not a make or break game, but Lord it would help on a number of different levels.  Win and we are all dancing in the streets.  Lose and . . . oh boy, will there be a lot of howling.
GATA today, tomorrow and always!

2 thoughts on “Four Reasons We Badly Need This Win

  1. Of course the game is not a make or break game. It would only be a make or breakgame if the team was expected to compete for the national championship.

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