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Do You Think Michael Carvell Will Have A Job Next Year? Please Vote

Before answering that question, consider this – when did “Journalism” become a series of reader questions? I thought journalists wrote facts and occasionally offered insider opinions and informed analysis.  Those days seem to be so far in the rearview that they have drifted over the horizon.

Michael Carvell, whom I’m sure is a nice person and does not fight kittens in dank cellars, covers recruiting for the AJC. Perhaps March is the bleakest month with signing day a fading memory, and Michael has nothing better to do. Two words for you Mike: THE BEACH. Take a vacation, champ. Kick back and enjoy a few sugary blasts from a few tangy margaritas. Smoke a cigar and listen to the waves as your folding chair sinks deeper into the sand.  You crushed it this recruiting season! Actually, I don’t know if you did or not, but you still have a job for now. Get a pedicure!

Well Mike didn’t take the month off. In fact, he scrambled. Apparently no good stories about exciting 2014 recruits can be written now, and apparently doing a summary or recap of 2013 is impossible. So having beaten the Todd Grantham is leaving UGA how will it affect recruiting thing to death before Grantham announced he is staying at UGA, Mike decided there was nothing left to do other than non-report by asking a series of inflammatory questions and speculating about what will happen in the future.

You can see it coming a mile away.

Probably the most popular form of negative recruiting that will be used against UGA this year will be Todd Grantham.

Grantham is the Bulldogs’ defensive coordinator, and he’s considered one of the college football’s brightest minds. Recruits want to play for him because he has NFL coaching experience, and they think that he can help put them in excellent position get to the league. Those are the positives.

The negative for any elite defensive recruit that is considering UGA is this: Will Grantham, who got NFL feelers this off-season, still be around to coach me in a few years?

What do you think? Do you think Grantham will still be at UGA in a few years?

Ignore his ridiculous argument that having a bright and successful defensive coordinator is a negative. Ignore that he seems to be arguing that Georgia should go back to having a mediocre or worse coordinator who may or may not be on the verge of getting canned. Ignore the asinine logic and ridiculous drivel he has already subjected you, the fair reader, to and keep reading, because Carvell doesn’t stop there. He goes on to conjure a complete fake conversation between high school coaches and Grantham.

You can expect this topic to be torpedoed heavily against the Bulldogs in recruiting battles for 2014 defensive prospects.

It’s a very simple conversation between the coach of a competing college and a recruit, as one high school coach indicated. Here’s the summary:

  •   Coach: “Grantham is a fine coach at Georgia. Do you think he’ll still be there to coach you?”

  •   High school senior: “Hmmm. Well …”

He puts the bow on the present nicely, with this little series of questions:

If you were an elite 2014 defensive recruit, what do you think about Richt’s comments? Do you trust him enough to replace any top assistant with another top assistant? Could he get somebody as good as Grantham if he left? Or would the attraction to playing defense for Georgia leave with Grantham? And if you were Richt, how would you address this situation? Please post below.

So here’s the deal. I’m a blogger, I guess. I’m not constrained at all by the ethics of journalism, and apparently those are out the window anyway. So let’s rumormonger a little too.

If you were a reader of the AJC in 2014, would you want to read Carvell? Do you expect him to have a job in 2014? Please vote below.


9 thoughts on “Do You Think Michael Carvell Will Have A Job Next Year? Please Vote

  1. Here is the spin that I don’t see often employed by UGA/Coach Grantham/HS Coach when recruiting/advising a top tier HS Football recruit looking at UGA (or any school for that matter) in Carvell’s scenario.

    Will “X” Coach be there to coach you? A: Who knows but if you want to play for that coach and the kids currently on the roster – go there. The level of talent that wants to play for “X” coach is directly related to the coach that will follow him when/if he leaves. Top level talent already on the roster will bring in another Top Level coach and increase the number of applicants for the job. If Coach “X” leaves then you (player) will get TWO (or more) top level coaches helping you get to the level you (player) want to achieve. If/when Coach “X” stays then you’re happy and where you want to be all along. It’s a win/win.

    The dominos begin to fall with a good coach/recruiter such as Coach Grantham – he’s bringing in talent and if/when he leaves there will be a LONG line of Top Tier D-Coordinators at CMR’s door wanting the job. Thus, the cycle continues and the level of play continues to improve. The mistake/issue is NOT following up a top tier coach with another top tier coach (Martinez) which is something that I HAVE to believe CMR has corrected/changed. It can be argued that Van Gorder was/was not top tier but he did have momentum both in recruiting and talent on the D roster when he departed that could have been kept/accelerated without the “in-house” hire.

  2. Carvell is the worst, Jerry. The worst.

    I especially enjoy when he goes into the fourth person while interviewing himself. The dude is a hack.

  3. He’ll absolutely have a job because people clickadyclickclick all day long over there. I haven’t read an AJC piece in some time. But the fact that many people miss is that he and his compadres are good at what they do – generate page views.

    I say let them. Either the lemmings will wise up one day (not likely) or they’ll move on to selling used cars when the “paper” dries up. Regardless, leave the cigar and margaritas to us bloggers. What beach we going to?

  4. He must be secretly working on the side for Ala-Damn-Bama or Awlbaern. He definitly is not a UGA fan,its bad enough that the other schools and coaches say these things about CTG, but this CLOWN is using the media to spread these falsehoods. When UGA has a banner day those BUMS at AJ-C, hunt and nitpick to find any thing negative then harp on it over an over, this is possibly why true Sports Fans DO NOT RELY ON THE AJ-C FOR ALL THEIR SPORTING NEWS. This just my opinion. “GO DAWGS”

  5. Well, UGA’s fortunes do not rise or fall with a journalist(s) opinions or agenda. Todd Grantham’s name will always surface in connection with other jobs as long as the product he puts on the field at UGA is top quality. Yes, rival recruiters will pull the old “TG won’t be here next year” routine. So be it. UGA just have to fight through it and fight through it they will. So, don’t sweat the journalists who, for whatever reason, like to point such things out.

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