Jarvis Out For Wrong Reasons

Richt is keeping Jarvis out because of his ankle sprain.  That’s not the right reason. The reason should be that in every game since Mizzou he’s been a shell of what we saw and what we know he can do. It does not take a rocket surgeon to know this is because his groin must still be bothering him.  We need him back to healthy, and not just in game shape. Richt disagrees:

If he’s healthy enough to play, we want him to play. There’s no thought of holding him out this game so that he’s 100 percent next game.


God Bless America.  If we need Jarvis to beat Kentucky, then we’re already done for against Florida. Let him sit on a beach somewhere until Florida comes around.  Give him every shot, massage, and acupuncture treatment fathomable, but don’t waste a second of his talent on Kentucky.


Jarvis came back to college to win. He did not come back for stats or personal glory. To win, we need him full speed against UF. I hope his ankle does not heal until next thursday so his groin can heal too.



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