Every Aaron Murray Play From 2011 USC Game

Watching this video, I’m reminded of two very opposite ideas:

  1. When Aaron Murray gets in a groove, he is nothing short of fantastic.
  2. When Aaron Murray is flustered and without time, he is nothing short of poor-to-average quarterback.


Here is every play he was in during the USC game last year. The first five minutes are painful. The second is a delight, and reminds me of his play this year.


One thing that stands out, Bennett and Murray have a true connection and he will be missed. Also, Crowell was good at running the ball. No, I don’t miss him, but he had a lot of talent.

Finally, watch this and tell me if this reminds you of the play from the UT game this year.


Murray can throw a pick this year and we can win. He can even throw two and we can win.  But he’s going to be under a lot of pressure all evening, and needs to keep calm and carry on.


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