A thought or two on Aaron Murray

I rip Aaron Murray a lot.  He’s “never won the big game” and is prone to being excitable, blah, blah, blah. I’ll say it now, I rip him too much.


Aaron Murray has played great so far this year, with maybe one or two minor mental lapses in garbage time. His numbers are sick.  He’s issued surveys to his teammates to find out what he can do better, and wrote a paper about great leadership qualities of Drew Brees and Tom Brady. But the thing that has stood out to me, since the Mizzou game at least, is that even with a green offensive line, Murray is really stepping up in the pocket and firing the ball.  And he’s doing it quick.  Sometimes I’ve been critical of him bailing on a pocket before it collapses sometimes, but that’s a tradeoff I’ll gladly take for the quick clock he’s been rolling with.


I also was amazed to read that Aaron will start his 32nd game at QB this Saturday. That’ s unreal.


This is not the best video compilation of his good passes, but you’ll get the idea.


None of this is to say that Harry Potter won’t rear his ugly head. But so far I really like what I see. Let’s see how it goes from here.


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