Why The Defense Last Night is Not Something to be Concerned About

Many folks think the defense came out stale, or got pushed around, or just flat out sucked in the first half. It is true, Florida Atlantic was something ridiculous like 8/12 on third downs in the first half and racked up a lot of yards.  But last night’s game showed me why UGA’s defense is in very good hands for years to come. Here’s why:

  1. Grantham is building depth. Quick – who are our 2 starting inside linebackers? Tree and … there are a bunch of folks that can play. Herrera is a beast. An absolute beast and he is only getting better. C-Rob puts in a workman like effort every time he plays. Gillard give me headaches but is a solid player.  And then there’s the next generation of kids that will get reps there too.  Last night, we held out our 2 starting OLB (Jones, C-Wash) and got a freshman some significant time there.  Jarvis was in his ear all night too, which is only a good thing.  “He was chewing me out a couple of times. “He was telling me I needed to get my rush better and play the cut blocks better,” he said. “He doesn’t hold back.”   That’s a good thing.
  2. Grantham was preparing us for Vandy.  Wait, does this sound familiar? It should, because he definitely has run a scheme for the team next week when playing  a cupcake. I was going nuts against Buffalo, but later was reassured that we were just working on the next week.
  3. If there were really issues with the defense, we would have had troubles in the second half too. But we did not and held them to 55 yards.
  4. It is worth noting that the following starters were still out: Jarvis Jones (all-american), Rambo (all-american), Tree (potential all-american), and Cornelius Washington (edit: C-Wash did play but was limited with a hamstring injury). There were probably others I missed too.

Lots of freshmen and others who will need to step up next year played, and played a lot. Ask our offensive line what it’s like to be green and not have a lot of experience playing the year before then being thrown in as a starter.


6 thoughts on “Why The Defense Last Night is Not Something to be Concerned About

  1. I agree but it’s still concerning to me. On Those 3rd down conversions our D looked like 3rd & Willie. Considering that FAU only scored 7pts on an FCS opponent the previous week, was 1-11 last yr, and was dead last in offense amongst FBS schools last yr, I really don’t care if all of our 2nd teamers started.

    Bottom-line: In the last 5 1/4 seasons, the only complete games I remember us putting together for 4 qtrs in all 3 aspects of the game are: 2007 auburn, and 2011 auburn. If we wanna be elite and win the SEC & Natty (and god knows we talk about it a lot), we HAVE to be consistent.

    I hate to bring up bama, but after watching them destroy arky in Fayetteville, and seeing our home game against a bottom-feeder, we have a LOOOOONG way to go to be elite.

    Just to end on a happy note: O looked great as did Murray and Bobo. And I usually can’t stand Bobo so that’s saying a lot. CTG is also the king of halftime adjustments.

    Grady High School (Damian Swann) looked solid as usual.

    GO DAWGS!!!!!!!

  2. C-Wash did play yesterday, Im not sure how much but on the replay he started at DE. Richt said something about a hamstring still bothering him, but he felt ready to play in warmups.

    But yeah lots of young guys played on D and I dont care how much our stats compare nationally. Just win the big games.

    Thanks for the blog, I think Ill start reading it more often now after that commentary from last weeks game.

    1. Thanks MG. You’re right… I saw in the post-game comments that Richt said C-Wash was hurt and I didn’t see him do anything last night, so I figured he was out. Not sure how much he played.

      Will make the edits. Keep coming by and keeping me honest.


  3. Why does Bama not have to work on next week’s team scheme? I would like to believe all this, but simply can’t. This does not mean I do not think we have a ton of talent and potential. I just think we are working on chemistry and hopefully will find it before we play a great team. We are not there, but hopefully we are on our way. Go Dawgs!

    1. Who is to say Bama doesn’t? The first game they played this year the cupcake actually moved the ball well against them. Maybe they have better results playing in their base defense, but there is nothing to say that they don’t have to prep for big opponents.

      Bama is going to lose at least one game this year. They’re good, and probably great, but they’re not perfect. They have a lot more depth (see, oversigning) than we do, which helps them not have to do what we did yesterday.

      Still, I agree that we will hopefully find the chemistry we’re looking for. Getting everybody back for a couple of games will help. Hope we don’t have a letdown against UT.

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