Bobo v. Grantham – The Mitchell Factor

This is a truly great article and a I give Ching all the credit in the world for writing something beyond just what was said after practice today. Totally agree with The Senator on his take.
Other than thinking that Mitchell is a complete bad ass and hoping this experiment goes well, one thing stood out to me. Here is the part about Brandon Smith:

Smith also chips in intermittently on offense, but he barely practices with the offense at all. He knows a handful of specialty plays, and he often finds out in the moment that his services are required.

Compare that to Grantham’s approach with Mitchell:

“We want him to be able to function every down, or any given down or distance or situation that might arise,” Richt said. “I’m not saying he’s going to play every single play on defense because I don’t know if anybody plays every down nowadays. But I want him to understand our scheme well enough where [defensive coordinator Todd] Grantham will have no limitations to what he might want to do or call because Malcolm’s in the game.

If I’m a defensive coordinator, I damn sure know B. Smith’s 4 signature plays he can run, and teach that to my guys.   No such luxury to an offensive coordinator if Mitchell is on the field.

Is this fair to judge Bobo against Grantham on this? Probably not. But it still bothers me. I’d like to have been a fly on the wall when Richt said to Grantham “you can have him for nickel zone packages.”  I imagine the response was not so pleasant.


2 thoughts on “Bobo v. Grantham – The Mitchell Factor

  1. Do you think that MM has the *potential* to be more dangerous than Champ? Honest question. Champ is probably my favorite Dawg since I really was old enough to follow UGA football in the 90s. But. . . Even Champ was someone limited on offense. The Donnan tunnel screen worked wonders with him, but it does not seem like much else. I love the approach with MM on both sides of the ball. He could be a dangerous, dangerous man this year

    1. “More dangerous” is probably not a good measure. Can something be hotter than the sun? I don’t know. Champ was sick when he had the ball in his hands, and I don’t know that MM has that type of offensive shake. He may, but I didn’t see it last year. Certainly MM is a huge threat at receiver and is fast as hell. But haven’t seen that Champ sizzle off him yet.

      On defense, by all accounts, he has the potential to be as good as Champ. I don’t know that you can be much better than a 10 time pro-bowler who still locks people down even though he is 46 years old.

      So… I think MM can be as good as Champ. And that’s more than good enough for me.

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